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Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Central Library

To contribute highly professional, highly challengeable, highly ethical teachers through rigorous training for comprehensive development of the nation.

Computer Center

Eleven centrally air conditioned Computer labs equipped with excellent IBM, COMPAQ and DELL computers, over 320 in number with latest software of academics relevance. We have Gujarat s first SUN SOLARls laboratory and a software development project laboratory.

Each computer is networked to intemet 2OMbps lease line giving the fastest downloads and net access to each student. Students are provided personal IDs and separate storage space on server.


For the in house functions and large gathering our sister institute on the same campus is having two air conditioned auditoriums and one central hall with comfy seating arrangement.

  • Ingenious Showcase (subjective and beyond) through Research Commons
  • Technical Congregations by Departments
  • Invited Lectures on Various Contemporary Trends of the subjects
  • Values based Course on Universal Human Values for all the students
  • Training Programs on “Empowerment of Girls” (EOG)
  • Programs on Gender Sensitization for female faculties and girls
  • Programs on “Save Environment”
  • Sessions on Yoga & Meditation
  • Health Awareness Programs
  • Events of Sports & Culture
  • Societal Activities
  • Energy Audit & Green Audit